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Repeat after us: No more shrunken sweaters! We've excerpted a handy dandy guide to laundry tags from Stuff Every Graduate Should Know, on sale March 22nd!


Represented by what looks like an overflowing bucket, these symbols tell you the preferred way to wash your clothes to keep them looking their best.


We've all been there. Nice sweater, comfy jeans, suddenly not fitting a week after we bought them. Pay attention to the drying symbols to ensure they remain the same size.



Gone are the days of hanging your nice shirts and suits in the bathroom while you shower. Invest in an iron so you can keep your business wardrobe nice and smooth.



You might not need bleach as much as you used to back in your grandmother's or even your mother's day as color safe bleach and better detergents have made their way to the markets, but you'll still need to keep those whites white.



This one is fairly self explanatory. Either you can toss it in with your sweats and pajamas or you'll have to pay to have it cleaned. Either way--here are the symbols.

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