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Perfect image via the BBC

In Emma, Jane Austen writes, “I condition for nothing else; but without music, life would be a blank to me.” A musician herself, Austen was known to play anything from romantic ballads to nursery rhymes to entertain herself and her family.

But Austen’s musical influence isn’t limited to her family’s parlor. Musicians today have taken characters and themes from her novels to write book report-style raps, scat jazz-influenced love letters, and compose beautiful instrumental ballads. These musicians are naming their bands and their songs after her characters. And one’s even named their band after her.

So grab a pair of headphones and give these Austen-influenced musicians a listen. I’m sure Jane would be nodding to the beat along with you. 

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Danielle Mohlman

Danielle Mohlman is a playwright, bookworm, and library connoisseur. You can find her on Twitter and Tumblr. (She has a lot to say.) And on Instagram. (She never foodstagrams.) When she grows up, she wants to be Leslie Knope.