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Believe it or not, that's a Kindle case.

You seldom spot anyone at the Quirk HQ without his or her trusty iPads. Whether we’re rocking out to our respective iTunes playlists at our desks, playing intense games of Angry Birds during lunch, or reading using the iPad’s Kindle App, Apple’s handy tablet is always within reach.

However, as book people, we often miss the look of a well-designed cover while reading eBooks, especially with Doogie and Katie creating their masterpieces on the third floor. This is where Retro Readers comes in.

An Etsy shop ran by Melissa Obrien, Retro Readers takes vintage books and repurposes them as shells for your eReader of choice. The designs are elegant and beautiful, with a handful that work quite well around the holidays. Check out this Christmas cover!

Retro Readers doesn’t only specialize in iPad covers. They also craft some really nice Kindle and Nook protectors, such as this Circle of the Seasons piece, with its lovely green accents and charming ribbon.

The covers are reasonably priced too, cashing out at around $40 after shipping. A small price to pay for a truly unique case that will be envy of all your bookish friends.

Retro Readers @ Etsy