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Everyone here at Quirk Books knows about my crippling video game addition. There’s a reason I usually only request off on Tuesdays… because it’s New Game Day. You better believe I took two days off to play Portal 2. What? Don’t judge me. Have you seen this game?

Ahem. But I digress.

I recently stumbled upon dPad, an awesome Etsy shop that features video game inspired art crafted using upcycled books. Like this adorable 8-bit mushroom from Super Mario Bros., or this brilliant (but long since sold) vintage style Duck Hunt painting. I've posted a few more after the jump, have a look!

Mega Man!

Mine Craft Creeper

Awesome, right? The Cleveland, Ohio based crafter also sells plenty of vintage items, like late 70’s boardgames and handheld electronics.  Definitely worth bookmarking if you’re on the hunt for a rare Tiger LCD handheld.

dPad @ Etsy