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The first two books in Charles Gilman's Tales From Lovecraft Middle School series are currently in bookstores everywhere, with the third title, Teacher's Pest, due out this Spring. 

We're currently hard at work on the fourth title in the series, Tales From Lovecraft Middle School: Substitute Creature, and we're looking for a model for the cover!

Here are the details from our art director, Doogie Horner:

We're looking for a woman to be the cover model on a book cover called Lovecraft Middle School: Substitute Creature. It's the 4th entry in a middle grade fiction series about a middle school where a bunch of the teachers and students are secretly monsters, inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft.

Model Description: Female, 35-50 years old. Should look like a substitute teacher: bookish, shy, like a quiet librarian or cat lady. The kind of woman who wears her hair in a bun. Should be pretty, but also kind of average. Long face and thin nose a bonus.

Note: We will use Photoshop to turn you into a terrifying ghoul! The book cover is lenticular. Held at one angle, you will look like yourself. When the book is turned though, you'll transform into a terrifying ghoul [through the magic of Photoshop].

We're shooting sometime in December, or possibly early January, at a studio in Philadelphia. Should take about 4 hours. Pay is $150.

If interested please email two recent headshots to doogie@quirkbooks.com Please write Lovecraft Middle School in the subject line of your email.