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Photo via Tumblr

Hey Quirk fans!

We're currently seeking babies from 12 to 24 months old for an upcoming Fall 2014 book, though there's probably a little wiggle room on either end of that age range. And while we can't dish out details about the project just yet, you can think of it as Quirk's version of an Anne Geddes book. 

Right now we're looking in the Philadelphia and New York City region, as the photographer lives here in Philly and also makes regular trips to NYC. The photographer of the book will stop by your house to take the photo.

There's no compensation, but your baby will be featured in an amazing Quirk book! And of course, you'll get a really great professional photo of your child. Interested parents can email me (eric@quirkbooks.com) headshots of their babies, and we'll forward them on to the photographer.