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I have iambic pentameter on the brain these days, so here's a little sonnet in honoring one of my favorite places in Portlandia.

From IHD to MCL ~ A Sonnet 

Methinks that nothing e’er gave me such joy
As when I have a stack of books to read.
What words, then, can my humble pen employ
So to describe the place that fills my need?
Multnomah County Library, my praise
For all thy tender branches now is due.
You lend me bliss for one and twenty days—
And if my joy’s unfinished, I renew.
Nonfiction books: Nate Silver’s nerdy glee,
A tale by Zadie Smith, a writer bold,
A horror novel (Stephen King for me),
E’en Rowling’s latest can be put on hold!
Yes, all my days to MCL I’ll look
Whenever I seek pleasure from a book.

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Ian Doescher

IAN DOESCHER is the author of the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series. He lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.