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Maple Bacon S'mores by Kitchen Konfidence

Wow. What a week.

Last week contenders in the Marsh Madness West Coast bracket posted their unbelievable recipes, each one just as creative as the last. Our partners Serious Eats have the recap, and you can scope out links to all the entries (plus a bonus!), below.

Kitchen Konfidence: Maple Bacon S'mores

Love Veggies & Yoga: Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispie S'mores

Teenie Cakes: Chai-Spiced Pistachio Marshmallows

Kitchen Parade: Orange-Kissed Marshmallows

And although she wasn't in the official bracket, Sweets by Sillianah's custom Blood Orange Marshmallows are just fantastic.

Check back here and on Serious Eats come Monday for another recap, and make sure you're following the #MarshMadness hashtag on Twitter.