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This month, a bunch of Worst-Case Scenario eBooks have been added to the Apple iBookstore's Laugh Out Loud Books promotion (note, that link will open your iTunes). The books are in good company, hanging out with the two of my favorite humor books, All My Friends Are Dead and Go the F*ck to Sleep. 

The promo runs through August 13th. Check out the deals below! 

Complete Worst-Case Scenario Man Skills ($3.99) 
Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College ($1.99)
Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Life ($1.99)

You can also get a number of the Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guides, including Breakups, Cars, Cats, Dogs, Meetings, New York, San Francisco, and Retirement for the regular price of $4.99. 

And in addition to those sweet deals, Chronicle Books are spotlighting the Worst-Case Scenario Middle School eBook at a discount price of $0.99. Check that out here on their eBook deals site