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[Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash]

For generations, the crews of the USS Enterprise (in its various forms throughout various media) have beamed their way into our hearts and homes with their interstellar explorations in the far future. But why should their adventures be limited to one universe? We like to imagine the Federation’s finest journeying to these worlds from other space franchises.




A sojourn to the homeworld of the Time Lords, including the titular traveler of space and time, from the Doctor Who universe would fascinate several Starfleet science minds. It’s easy to imagine Spock’s frustration at the illogical nature of the TARDIS’s “bigger on the inside” spatial incongruence. True to his trade, Dr. McCoy would be less concerned with the inner workings of the Doctor’s chosen conveyance and more with their biology. Regeneration, you say?





Anyone well-versed in the warrior culture of the Klingons would easily understand the home of Star Wars’ Mandalorians, adherents to a martial creed that encompasses everything from the armor they wear to the honor system they practice. Worf, a Klingon himself, would feel most at home. The Mandalorian right to challenge a leader to single combat is not unlike the Klingon Right of Vengeance, so the tactical officer might end up wielding the legendary darksaber and ruling the Mandalorians. This is the Way.





The birthplace of Kal-El, better known to Earthlings as Superman, Krypton’s unstable geology led to its explosion. If her iteration of the Enterprise should have the good fortune to arrive there before this cataclysm, the Vulcan geologist T’Pol would be fascinated by the ticking time bomb nature of the planet’s core.





The place that gave “birth” to the Transformers is at once a world and a creator. For this reason and so many others, it would be fascinating to see how Data would interact with it and its inhabitants. Some of the most captivating episodes of The Next Generation involved Data waxing philosophical about the nature of artificial intelligence and robotic consciousness and sentience. Now just imagine if he met someone who could turn into a truck.

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Ryan Miorelli is from a small Pennsylvania town with more trucks than people and more potholes than trucks. When he’s not working on his first novel, he’s writing about pop culture topics for Quirk, Krypton Radio, and more. You can follow him on Instagram at @rd.mio to see his adventures living in Los Angeles with too many plush porgs.