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Does your best friend carry her copy of Hollow City around with her everywhere? Does your cousin really love the Last Policeman series? Here are holiday gift ideas inspired by your (or someone else’s) favorite Quirk titles. (These also make great companion gifts if you don’t already have the book!)

Gifts for the Hollow City fanatic:

  1. a polaroid camera to take really awesome (and possibly creepy) photos
  2. any type of falcon jewelry
  3. a DIY option: photoshopped vintage photos (here is a simple tutorial).


Gifts for the Horrorstor fanatic:

  1. their very own Ikea furniture (because putting it together is a special kind of horror)
  2. the Goosebumps TV series—the sponge under the sink comes alive!
  3. a DIY option: a miniature haunted house.


Gifts for the Find Momo fanatic:

  1. a plush border collie so they can have their very own Momo (or you could buy a real dog… your choice)
  2. some classic Where’s Waldo? books
  3. a DIY option: a photo album filled with photography prompts.


Gifts for the Princesses Behaving Badly fanatic:

  1. a Disney film with a kick-ass female protagonist
  2. an actual sword
  3. a DIY option: a hardcore tiara.


Gifts for the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars fanatic:

  1. actual Shakespeare
  2. the Star Wars soundtrack (instrumental music is great reading music)
  3. a DIY option: a homemade lightsaber.


Gifts for the Last Policeman fanatic:

  1. a notebook to solve crimes of their own
  2. a watch to literally count down any impending doom
  3. a DIY option: a calendar that considerately marks off the worst days of the year.


Gifts for the Geek’s Guide to Dating fanatic:

  1. any vintage gaming console
  2. a comic book about love
  3. a DIY option: geeky embroidery or cross stitch (we previously rounded up some geeky patterns).


Gifts for the How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity fanatic:

  1. a cat brush for their furry friend
  2. a package of bandaids because they’re destined to get injured if they attempt anything in this book
  3. a DIY option: a cat throne (or any other cat-friendly project listed here).

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Maria Vicente

Maria Vicente is an Associate Agent at P.S. Literary Agency. She is also the Wicked Witch of the East Coast.