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Halloween? More like HalloWIN! As proven time and time again, Quirk HQ is preposterously skilled at having a good time. So check us out celebrating Halloween with some spectacular fashions.

We're BookTubers! Get it? The publicity and marketing team thought it was very clever also.


One perk of being a Quirk author is that you may become inspiration for an editor's Halloween costume. What's good, Science Bob?


Joan of Arc and Lizzie Bennet duel it out. 


Sad Lichtenstein painting is sad. 


A mysterious stranger arrives...


Liz Lemon chats with the Cutting Room floor, while Ned Ryerson eats cheesy bread.


Full album below: 


Quirk HQ is preposterously good at Halloween. And we celebrate with some spectacular fashions.

Posted by Quirk Books on Friday, October 30, 2015

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Julie Leung

Julie Leung is the social media and marketing manager at Quirk Books—tweeting up storms and surfing blog waves. She is also the author of a forthcoming trilogy, Mice of the Round Table (out October 4th), and Mother of FictionToFashion.com. You can follow her at @jleungbooks or simply at @QuirkBooks, where she drops pithy word nuggets on the daily.