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Update! So we're reposting this and giving this a bump up to the homepage. Because we really love sending books to teachers and schoo librarians! So feel free to request a copy, and we'll send them your way. 

The second book in Steve Hockensmith and Science Bob's Nick & Tesla series hits stores everywhere this month, and we're just thrilled.

I mean, the first book was an Amazon Book of the Month, the website for the series looks great, and Science Bob created some fantastic videos to promote the book. You can check out a whole bunch of them here, on the series website

Having published the first installment in our Lovecraft Middle School series in 2012, Nick & Tesla is our second venture into publishing middle grade books. Last year, we gave away copies of Professor Gargoyle and the first Nick & Tesla book, and we're doing it again.

So! If you're a teacher looking for some new books for your classroom library, go ahead and email me (eric@quirkbooks.com) with your details. I'll send you a free copy of Nick & Tesla, Professor Gargoyle, and a bundle of posters to share with your students. 

Hope to hear from you soon, teachers!