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It’s a busy time in the poetry world, with April being National Poetry Month, Shakespeare’s birthday (maybe) and death day (for sure) observed on April 23, and National Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 26. To celebrate the last of these, here are a few poems you might want to keep in your pocket for inspiration this Thursday…


I Will Not Take the Bait

Your Facebook post is horrid, but

I will not take the bait.

Your YouTube comments turn my gut—

I will not take the bait.

Your trollish words,

Like bullish turds,

Are filled with filth and hate.

But still, somehow,

This thing I vow:

I will not take the bait.


Loves Me Best

The person who loves me the best in the world

Will always be loyal and true.

The person who loves me the best in the world

Thinks I’m something wonderful, too.

The person who loves me the best in the world

Has never been mean or a jerk.

The person who loves me the best in the world

Is chill even when I’m berserk.

The person who loves me the best in the world—

He isn’t a person at all—

He lies in my lap, gently wagging his tail,

Curled up in a tight little ball.


A Limerick to Y, from X

Millennials truly are zealous,

And all their opinions they tell us.

And though X’ers fuss,

Please don’t listen to us,

’Cause really we’re just rather jealous.




U R awesome.

You’re the best!

You can do it.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dude, you’ve got this.

Super swell!




You da man!

Preach it, sister.

Yes we can!

When you’re feeling

Some distress,

I will give you

So much yes.




Today I will sing at the top of my lungs,

Today I could climb up to five million rungs,

Today I can be the best version of me,

Today I’ll be hopeful, whatever may be,

Today I will keep all my no’s on the shelf,

Today I can even be kind to myself,

Today I will smile and today I will laugh,

Today all my problems seem smaller by half,

Today I’m not looking for trouble to borrow,

Today I will help make a better tomorrow.

Poetry with a Twist

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Ian Doescher

IAN DOESCHER is the author of the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series. He lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.