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There is an age-old argument amongst readers: book or movie? Which version was better? So we started to wonder, what if the age-old argument was book or video game? In order to tackle the question, we made a list of books that would make epic video games.


Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

This sci-fi novel features space battles, espionage, and cute talking robots. Obviously, we see this book being turned into a space opera-esque RPG ala Mass Effect, with a touch of shoot ‘em style space battles. Think Galaga but with interdimensional space politics and dueling. 10/10 would play for days.


Hounded by Kevin Hearne

The Iron Druid Chronicles could easily provide any video game series with great gameplay. Try to visualize a video game with mythical creatures, evil immortal beings, and a dashing druid protagonist. And did we mention he has a talking dog?! Move over action RPG’s like The Witcher and Skyrim, Atticus O’Sullivan is coming to conquer your consoles.


Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

Love them or hate them, survival horror games are very popular. Who doesn’t like a good jump scare? That’s why we vote to adapt Lovecraft Country into a video game so scary you will want to sleep with the lights on! Expect to see crazy cults, ghosts, creepy puppets, and that’s not even the scariest part! Players beware.


Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

Lastly, we want to play a video game like we all grew up with, something classic, and fun…something like a platformer! But were adults now so our version of a bookish platformer has to have steampunk, in a dystopian world, with city eating machines. That’s right were nominating The Hungry City Chronicles. Just imagine playing as the city of London as you hunt after other cities and try to avoid airships and pirates!

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Sandra Gisi

Sandra Gisi is a book nerd/writer from Austin, Texas. She is the creator of the YouTube series Reader Vs Reader , and book blog What Lovely Books. When she isn't planning world domination, she likes to hangout with her husband and two dogs.