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It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day, the holiest of holidays on the entire calendar. We’re joking, of course. But considering how much we write about cheese, it’s a wonder we’re even keeping Quirk Books HQ open today. To celebrate this tremendous (and ultimately very silly) day, here are some of our favorite books about cheese – and cheese lovers.


Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know by Alexandra Jones

When we’re all vaccinated and public gatherings come back in vogue, you’ll want to have a pocket-guide to all things cheese at the ready. Which is why we’re recommending Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know. Not only is it small enough to study and memorize, it contains information that even the cheesiest of cheese connoisseurs might crave. Like, why each cheese melts differently, and how to make cheese at home. (Pandemic project, anyone?) We’re already using this book to practice our cheese board skills. Because who says you need to have a party in order to enjoy a good fromage spread?

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Amazon | Books A MillionBarnes & Noble | Bookshop



Relish by Lucy Knisley

Graphic memoirist and illustrator Lucy Knisley just so happens to be the daughter of a chef and a gourmet. When it came time to write her follow up to French Milk, a travelogue about a six-week trip to Paris that she took with her mother, Knisley decided to celebrate the role that food has played in her life. Relish covers a wide variety of delicious meals, but the most memorable is her section on cheese, illustrated in her signature style and filled with facts about each cheese’s fermentation process. We dare you not to drool.

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Amazon | Books A MillionBarnes & Noble | Bookshop



Delancey by Molly Wizenberg

If you love cheese as much as we do, chances are you’re a wiz at making pizza at home. You may have even toyed around with the idea of opening a pizza parlor of your own. Which is why we’re recommending first memoir Delancey about the opening of the Seattle pizza joint of the same name, which she co-owns with her now ex-husband. It’s a beautiful story about the lengths we go to in order to realize our ambitious dreams. And once you finish it, be sure to pick up Wizenberg’s follow up memoir, The Fixed Stars, a stunning portrayal of changing identity and the complexity of sexuality.  

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Amazon | Books A MillionBarnes & Noble | Bookshop



Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

If you’re looking for a rom-com that’s cheesy in all the right ways, check out Tweet Cute, an enemies to lovers story about two teens named Pepper and Jack (get it?) who are feuding over, you guessed it, cheese. Pepper’s family runs the massive fast-food chain Big League Burger and Jack’s grandma is the proud owner of an iconic grilled cheese recipe. When Big League Burger steals the recipe and passes it off as their own, Jack and Pepper, who runs the restaurant’s Twitter account, go after each other in the public Twitterverse. Little do they know, they’re also falling in love over an anonymous chat app that Jack programmed.

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