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[TV still from Game of Thrones, HBO]

Ah Peter Dinklage, how you've stolen our hearts. You've slayed the internet and Westeros with your charm and talent. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!


He's an animal lover and activist. Dinklage has publicly supported local animal sanctuaries and rescues organizations. He's been seen walking his senior rescue dog Kevin all around New York. Dinklage even thanked his dog sitter during an award speech. Aww. Being a vegetarian for over thirty years also gives him mad street cred!



Though he may not sit on the Iron Throne, Dinklage does sit on a large throne of awards. Not many actors can boast about being an Emmy and Golden Globe winner. Maybe that explains why he is one of the highest paid actors on television. Dinklage uses his time in the spotlight to bring awareness to social issues. Be still our beating heart!



Before he played our favorite Lannister, Dinklage perfected his acting skills on the stage and the big screen! Writer, producer, and director are just a few of his Hollywood credits. He's even done voice acting in films and video games. We especially look forward to his appearance in the new Avengers movie. Look out Captain America, there’s a new hero in town!



Honestly, what's not to love? Dinklage is witty, funny, and crazy talented. Don’t believe us? Then read his Reddit AMA and try not to crack a smile. We dare you. Add that together with his activism, accolades, and all around cool dude persona and you've got yourself one big Quirk crush.

Quirk Tested. Reader Approved.

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Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf lives in the PNW where she haunts bookshops and library sales. Freelancer by day, horror movie lover by night. Writing inquires can go to what lovely books at gmail or just to ask her how her hairy is so bouncy.