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It’s a universally agreed upon fact: you never grow out of loving dinosaurs. Using plastic dinosaur toys from the dollar or party store to add a little pre-history chic in the home or office. Grab a few tools, some glue, and a sense of awestruck wonder at the majesty of Jurassic beasts, and you’ll be ready to get crafty!



Watch your favorite dinosaur movies on your phone hands free with this clever phone stand from Eat. Sleep. Make. You’ll need a larger plastic dino and a suction cup for this project.



Serve snacks to all your paleontologist and paleo botanist friends with this offbeat serving tray from Three Little Monkeys Studio.



Light up the night (since T-Rex’s vision isn’t based on motion after all) with this adorable menorah tutorial from Momfluential.



Had enough of the corny dinosaur jokes? Of course not! Make these corn cob holders from Instructables user Mikeasaurus to give your corn on the cob a paleo flare.



Color-code your storage with these painted dino jars from LollyJane. These are perfect for your play dough in the play room, cosmetics in the bathroom, or paperclips in the office.


Teach kids the wonder of excavation with homemade dinosaur eggs from Growing a Jeweled Rose – perfect to hide around the garden for Easter or any time of year!

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Margaret Dunham

Margaret Mae Dunham (she/her) is a practicing nerd girl who loves gaming, crafting, weightlifting, and building welcoming safe spaces. Say hi to her on Twitter @Margaret_Mae & Instagram @MargaretMaenad!