Pineapple Chili Pork BBQ Skewers

When the heat is on, what could be better than firing up the grill and making these perfect and pretty Pineapple Chili Pork BBQ Skewers?

There’s nothing like an all-time char-grilled favorite. You can make the marinade ahead, soak the pork pieces and let the sweet, spicy, tangy, succulent flavors set. Then skewer and let the grill do the work for you. Don’t forget to chill the drinks, call for company to join you, then just laze around and indulge in these BBQ bits. Stay cool and serve these with cold salads and chilled desserts.

Pineapple Chili Pork BBQ Skewers

Servings : 4 to 6

– ½ pound pork tenderloin, sliced 2-inch thin strips
– 16 to 18 pieces bamboo skewers, soaked in water
– ¼ cup pineapple juice
– ½ cup barbecue sauce (any brand that’s available)
– 1 cup seltzer water
– 2 Tablespoons honey
– Juice of 1 lime
– 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
– 2 Tablespoons chili sauce
– 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
– 1 Tablespoon mustard
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1 teaspoon black pepper powder
– 1 can ( 8 ounces) pineapple chunks, or use 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
– 1 whole red pepper, cut in 2-inch strips
– 1 cup cherry tomatoes


1. Mix the marinade in a bowl: pineapple juice, barbecue sauce, honey, seltzer water, lime juice, pepper flakes, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper. Prepare the pork tenderloin strips. If it’s convenient, ask the butcher to slice it for you in 2-inch strips. (I confess, I often do this for uniformed cuts). Marinate the pork pieces in this mixture. Keep in a non-reactive container. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 4 to 6 hours, or overnight.

2. Soak the bamboo skewers for 30 minutes in a pan filled with water. This is to avoid burnt skewers when grilling, and minimize the splinters on the sticks. When ready, skewer the pork pieces and other ingredients in this order: red pepper, pork, pineapple, pork, cherry tomato, pork, and so forth. Place 3 to 4 pieces of pork per skewer.

3. On a pre-heated outdoor grill, over medium high heat, grill the pineapple pork skewers at 15 to 17 minutes total cooking time. While grilling, baste occasionally with the marinade to moisten the pork and maintain a shiny glaze.

4. Serve hot with a cold side salad or some steamed rice.

Recipe Notes: If outdoor grilling is not convenient, use an indoor grill allowing for the same amount of cooking time. And when the seasons change and it gets colder, you can roast these pork skewers in an oven. If you do, use a shallow roasting pan, and broil at the last 5 minutes. If preferred, substitute chicken strips, using the same marinade.

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