Nimoo: Some Adorable, Handmade Ways to Protect Your E-Reader

Posted by Simona DeDominicis

After spending so much money on an e-reader, you wouldn’t want to accidentally spill something on it, drop it, or ruin it in any way – but few (if any) of the cases you’ll find in stores are anything special.

If you’re tired of your bland Kindle cover or your overused Nook case, look no further: Nimoo on Etsy has the answer.

These covers are made to order and can be made to fit any type of e-reader. Aside from having adorable patterns, they’re multi-functional. The pocket on the front can hold small notebooks, pens, pencils, phones, spare change… the possibilities are endless.

The padding inside will protect an e-reader from most damage, and it even has a button to keep it safe and secure. There are many fabric options, and each one is handmade. No more awkward moments when someone has the same Kobo cover as you do.

Scope out Nimoo’s store on Etsy, here!