How to Read Like a Kid Again

Posted by Maria Vicente

Image via Tumblr

Do you remember what reading was like as a kid? Making weekly trips to the library to pick out ANY BOOK that you wanted. Intensively listening as someone read a story out loud to you and your peers. Looking in wonder at the pictures that went along with the words.

Even if you’re an avid reader now, there’s no denying that reading was a lot more enjoyable back then. Thankfully, that magic isn’t gone. Here are five ways to tap into your inner child and make that next book on your to-read list a little more exceptional.

1. Read one chapter a night before bed. Instead of sitting down for hours at a time to read through half of a book, try making it a nightly ritual to read one (yes, only one) chapter before going to sleep. Not only will you be setting aside special “reading time,” but you’ll also enjoy the book a lot more when you have to wait patiently to see what happens next.

2. Read under the blankets (and don’t forget the flashlight). This task sort of requires breaking the guidelines of #1. Wait until it’s way past your bedtime, bury yourself in all the blankets you can find around the house, and turn on a flashlight (although, let’s be honest, you’ll probably use the light of your smart phone). You’re breaking the rules! You’re living dangerously! You’re reading!

3. Read a book with illustrations. One of the highlights of children’s books is that they are filled with illustrations. Sure, as lovers of books we love the written word, but you also like to look at pictures. And that’s okay. Books for big people like you have images too.

4. Read a book and then tell someone about it. Remember show and tell? If you loved the last book you read, why are you keeping it to yourself? Tweet about it! Email your college buddies and let them know! That amazing book is a delicious secret and you know you want to gossip.

5. Read a book that requires you to do something. Activity books were a blast as a kid and there’s no reason why the fun needs to stop.  Your opportunities are endless, all waiting for you within the pages of books.

Maria Vicente is a literary agent intern living in Ottawa, Canada. She likes coffee, books, snail mail, and magic. You can find her on Twitter (@MsMariaVicente) or check out her website (