How to be Awesome at Binge-Watching a Television Series

Posted by Maria Vicente

Binge-watching a season of Game of Thrones? Yes please.

Bring your binge-watching to the next level. Follow these six steps to show that TV show who’s boss and make the most of your procrastination.

Step #1: Call in sick. I know you think you’ll be able to say no to starting Episode #48 tomorrow when the alarm clock goes off, but this isn’t going to happen. Call your place of employment, cancel any plans, and you can watch carefree.

Step #2: Stock up on snacks. Now that you have zero commitments, make sure you have snacks on hand so that you don’t have to stop watching for any reason (other than occasional bathroom breaks). Plan your meals carefully. You don’t want to waste time cooking dinner. Find something that takes little to no preparation. Bring all snacks with you to your room of choice for binge-watching. Begin the feast.

Step #3: Have caffeine on hand. Watching so much TV can make you sleepy. Make sure you have as much caffeine as possible in your home to make things run smoothly. My personal preference? Coffee for the morning, energy drinks for the afternoon. Just pick your poison and make sure there’s a lot of it.

Step #4: Make a blanket fort. You need to be comfy, and what’s more comfy than a blanket fort? Find all the blankets, pillows, sheets, curtains, tablecloths, etc. possible and make a fort of epic proportions. You won’t want to leave.

Step #5: Turn off your notifications. This is binge-watching time! Turn off the notifications on your phone, laptop, tablet, those ridiculous watches, whatever, and enjoy your show in peace. Those spam emails can wait.

Step #6: Try live blogging. If you’re a binge-watching pro, try live blogging your experience. Take to Twitter, Tumblr, or some other form of social media and share your watching adventures with others. You’ll have memories for the future and may even make a new friend or two.