Halloween Puts Broetry in Motion @ the Nightmares Fear Factory

Posted by Chris Cummins

We all know that bros can be downright poetic, but are these seemingly unflappable dudes afraid of anything? As it turns out, they are, especially during trick or treat time.

Thus in what surely will go down as the finest meme of the 2011 Halloween season, the Niagara Falls haunted house Nightmares Fear Factory has been posting pictures of dudebros who have been scared silly by the attraction. For today’s moment of Zen, check out this photo gallery.

These hilarious fear pics prove that behind their carefully crafted masculine exteriors, bros get terrified by zombies and ghosts too.

See? They’re just like us!


Chris Cummins is a Philadelphia-based writer who frequently contributes to Geekadelphia and Topless Robot. Follow him on twitter @bionicbigfoot.