Four Simple Literary Costume Ideas For Halloween

Posted by Ashley Cambers

When it comes to holidays, it's pretty hard to beat a day of costumes and candy, but the hardest part about Halloween is deciding what to wear. Here are some ideas that work whether you have time to prepare or need a costume in a pinch.

Nancy Drew: Dressing like a lady doesn't mean you are not up for a night of danger. A twinset and a knee-length skirt will quickly have you channeling this girl sleuth. Finish your look with penny loafers, a scarf tied around your neck, and a keen observation. 

Miss Havisham: People say you can only wear your wedding dress once. Please. Dig that baby out and embrace the look of a woman scorned. If you don't have a gown, check out Etsy, ebay, and thrift stores. The more worn looking the better. Load on Victorian inspired jewelry and carry a watch stopped at twenty minutes to nine.

Arthur Dent: This might possibly be the easiest costume in the galaxy. Wear your pajamas. Throw on a robe. Slip on some slippers. And, don't forget your towel.

Zorro: The Caped Crusader is not the only rich boy vigilante to rock a mask. Play the hero dressed in black and accessorize with a sword and mask. To really get into character, a Renaissance shirt, sombrero cordobés (wide-brimmed hat), and cape will leave no mistake as to your identity. Costume and prop stores are great places to start.

Ashley C. is a part-time actor and full-time lover of princess dresses, Jane Austen novels, and chocolate in all of its forms. She holds a meaningless degree from a well-known university and has lost count of the places she has lived. If she doesn't have her nose in a book, she can usually be found in the kitchen rage baking. You can follow her adventures at