Five Ways to Reuse Your Old Books

Posted by Simona DeDominicis

Photo by In Sappho We Trust

Sometimes a book will be read so many times that its cover starts to tatter and the pages fall out.

Instead of throwing it away, you can transform it into something else! Here you’ll learn some crafty ways to take apart an unwanted book and make it into something useful.

1. Make a Wreath: By rolling, cutting, folding or crumbling the pages of books, you can arrange them into a wreath that’s good for any occasion. Then you can add any personal touches you want, such as ribbon, berries, or a photograph. Check out this awesome tutotial on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

2. Paint or Print: Mediums like watercolor or printmaking can be a unique alternative to blank paper. Here’s a great how to on Instructables.

3. Turn the Cover into a Picture Frame: The prettiest book covers can now display your favorite picture. Learn how to make these awesome DIY frames here.

4. Wallpaper: Make a wall in your apartment or house more interesting by pasting a book’s pages over it. Here’s a tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

5. Make Beads: Cut up pages and sting them together to make all sorts of jewelry. Maybe use creative hole punchers to create lovely shapes. The Smallest Forest has some great photos of how to do this.

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