Fictional Feasts: Some Great Websites With Novel Recipes

Posted by Megan Christopher

Butterbeer via Food Through the Pages

Though the idea of exploring fantasy worlds through their food has been around for decades, sharing recipes taken from the pages of favorite books has become a rising online trend. If you know where to look, you can find instructions for baking lembas bread, groosling stew, or Fruity Oaty Bars.

Some enterprising chefs and fans of Game of Thrones have even ventured into the world of medieval grilling with wild boar, snake, and birds not commonly found in the refrigerated case at the grocery store.

Many of the web sites devoted to fictional feasting are still growing, but their collaborative efforts bring cooking, community, and literature together in one place. Check out a few of them with the links below:

– Geeky Chef

– Food Through the Pages

– Fictional Food

– Inn at the Crossroads

What recipes from your favorite books are you dying to try?

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