Drink the Rainbow: Skittles-Flavored Vodka

Posted by Erica Dreher

Skittles flavored vodka. I repeat, Skittles. Flavored. Vodka.

Recipes like this are why it’s great to be a grown-up: sure, fruity candy is tasty, but wouldn’t it be better if it were…boozier? This is a great and inexpensive gift for friends who need a pop of color on their bar, or just a fun and easy way to fancy up your cocktails at home. Best of all, it’s as simple as pouring things in jars—but it’s a two-day process, so plan accordingly.

Skittles-flavored Vodka


2 big bags of Skittles (vary to taste, depending on how much you want to make or how strong you want the Skittles taste to be)
Vodka (I recommend the cheap stuff, because you’re going to flavor it anyway. If you are a vodka snob, please feel free to indulge yourself)
Empty bottles or jars for infusing (no need to be fancy with these. Plastic water bottles work fine)
Cute bottles or jars for giving away/displaying Your local chain craft store is a good, and inexpensive place to look.
Coffee filters
A funnel


1. Separate your skittles by color. Place the Skittles in your non-fancy containers and fill with vodka. Let sit overnight.

2. Shake, shake, shake those non-fancy bottles. You will see some floaters in there, but don’t worry! This is part of the candy that will not dissolve, and that’s ok! Line your funnel with the coffee filter and pour the vodka from the non-fancy containers into your spiffier vessels. This may take a bit of time depending on how fast your liquid funnels through and how much candy you had that didn’t dissolve.

For bonus rainbow flair, you can make your own labels, or simply arrange your bottles nicely in a basket. Small bottles or jars make great party favors, too.

Now go forth, and “Taste the Rainbow” in an entirely new way.