Dress Your Kid Like: Amy Sedaris

Posted by Kim-Thao Nguyen

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If you need help trying to forget the Jerri Blank years (but why would you?), you might want grab a copy of Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris. Even though cracking open this book of activities is like opening a door to a haunted dollhouse, there’s no denying the charm in her well, quirky outfits.

A peculiar mix between a 1960’s kindergarten teacher and an overzealous but failing Stepford wife, the retro patterns and exaggerated cuts actually make for sweet play clothes. If you’ve got a funny girl in the family, check out this DIY ensemble.

Vintage Toddler Gingham Dress, Little Blue House, $12

This dress transitions perfectly from playtime to special occasions, with just a few tweaks of accessories, from head bands to tights.

Robot Appliqués, Kaline Accessories, $12

Add these quick iron-on robot appliqués to match Sedaris’s random patches. While Kaline Accessories holds some really cute characters, you can find many different themes floating around on Etsy.

Mini Boden Tights, Nordstrom, $16.08 (2 pairs)

While Sedaris goes bare-legged for an exaggerated effect, for kids you should throw in electric blue tights to tone down the bold look.

Blue Bow Knot Hairband, IndieBazaar, $16.00

Dress up the punchline with an oversized matching bow from IndieBazaar. There might even be enough ribbon left over for a project!

Leather Monkey Crib Shoes, Mini Toes, $20.00

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What? Where’d the monkeys come from?” Please. We’re not going for sense. We’re going for Sedaris.

Jumbo Paintbrush Set, Melissa & Doug, $6.99 with Doodle Paper Pad, Melissa & Doug, $1.99

What’s an artist without her tools? Melissa & Doug’s art supplies provide endless inspiration for even the strangest subjects.