Cutest Shark Attack Ever: Jaws Twitter Bird

Posted by Eric Smith

Ah, Shark Week. People sure do love it, and us book folk are no exception. While our friends over at Suvudu (hi Matt!) celebrated Shark Week with this awesome list of terrifying sea creatures from the Star Wars canon, we decided to go with something a little more adorable. Who says sharks can’t be absolutely precious?

Kim Knutsson, the proprietor of Tweet & Tweed, crafts super cute little custom birds in an array of designs, from Muppet Show’s Bunsen & Beaker to Star Trek’s Spock (which I’m sure Night of the Living Trekkies author Kevin David Anderson would love). But my favorite, hands down is the Jaws Bird that Quirk editor Margaret McGuire sent me.

A vacation on Amity Island was cut short as a swim in the ocean found this little bird gobbled up by the infamous giant bird-eating great white shark from the movie “Jaws”. This little blue bird is seen peeking out from behind the huge white teeth of that great white shark. If only he had a pressurized air tank and a gun, maybe he could put an end to his terror! Each one of Tweet and Tweed’s birds are entirely handmade, resulting in slightly unique variations from bird to bird. They are all created with a bottle cap base, glass bead eyes, polyfil stuffing and awesome accessories.

Now, go celebrate Shark Week with something snuggly. Kim’s cute, one-of-a-kind handmade birds will only run you $35. For more information, visit her shop!

Jaws Bird [Tweet & Tweed @ Etsy]

Eric Smith


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