Craft-a-Day: One Week Away!

Posted by Sarah Goldschadt

Next month Craft-a-Day will hit stores and despite getting advanced copies, it still doesn’t quite seem real. Did I really write, craft, and photograph a book that is over 430 pages? Apparently!

What started as an idea from my editor, Margaret McGuire, ballooned into months of me designing templates, writing, crafting, and photographing like crazy.

My clean and tidy apartment was taken over by a craft hurricane and I spent many a days crafting in my pajamas. Even my sister flew in from Iceland for two weeks to craft by my side and watch every single episode of Ugly Betty.

I also had a friend and neighbor, Wendy, stop by on more than one occasion to humor me and model the various crafts.

Graphic designer Katie Hatz turned all the photos + templates into the beautiful design it is. She did such an amazing job!

I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Craft-a-Day is currently available for pre-order and over the next few months I’ll be having book signings and craft parties so stay tuned for the complete list!

In the meantime you can follow the latest news and crafts on my blog and on my Facebook fan page.