Collageorama: Vintage Dictionary Page Prints for Dandy Cats Everywhere

Posted by Eric Smith

There’s a reason that Collageorama’s Etsy shop proudly proclaims that it’s the “exclusive home of Dandy Cat and Friends!” Because seriously, look at that cat. Top hat, mustache, monocle… that is one awesome kitten to be proud of.

Collageorama’s shop dishes out exquisite prints of properly dressed animals, illustrated on repurposed dictionary pages. Here at Quirk, we love cute animals (Cuteoverload links are exchanged via email on a regular basis) and anything that has to do with books. And this shop has owls, frogs, giraffes, deer, mice, rabbits… all kinds of critters, all fantastically dressed and drawn out on recycled book pages?


However, aristocratic walruses and gentlemanly otters aren’t all Collegeorama specializes in.

From classic sci-fi inspired ray guns to retro-futuristic steampunk houses, sketches from DaVinci’s Notebook to cupcakes with modern day Internet slang, this massive Etsy shop boasts over 200 prints, featuring a wealth of varying images. There’s a little something for every lover of upcycled art & prints.

Check out the entire shop, here.

Collageorama @ Etsy

Eric Smith


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