Celebrating Australia Day!

Posted by Katie Preston Toepfer

Australians love celebrating Australia Day for several reasons.

Not only is it a public holiday (and we all love those) but it’s a time to gather the crew together and celebrate what it means to be an Aussie. Think playing cricket in your togs with ice-cream running down your arm coz it’s 40 degrees outside.

Here I’ve created an Australia Day checklist so that if you so wish, you too can immerse yourself in the Australia Day spirit:
1) LIGHT UP THE BBQ: No Australia Day is complete without barbecued snags (sausages), steak, and perhaps even some prawns. Note: Australians never throw shrimp on the barbie. We place them gently. Throwing them would just be silly and messy. Add a couple of bottles of tomato sauce and a loaf of white bread or rolls to the smorgasbord and there you have it! A delicious Australia Day Lunch!
2) GET OUTDOORS: Put on your cozzies, shorts and thongs (flip flops not the cheek baring kind-unless that’s your thing) and head to the beach! Once you’ve enjoyed the surf and sun, play a game of cricket or barefoot soccer on the grass. If you’re up for something a little extra awesome, purchase a slip and slide and take it to your local park. There’s nothing like getting your mates together and racing each other belly face down sliding on a sheet of plastic. (I know this from personal experience).
3) HAVE A FEW CHEEKY DRINKS: Australia Day just isn’t the same without having a nice chilled beverage with friends at the pub. Head to your favorite local watering hole.
4) DON’T FORGET THE DESSERT: Pavlova or Lamingtons. Take your pick. Haven’t heard of either? You should have. They are only two of the most delicious sweet things ever and are very iconically Australian.