Mental_Floss Presents: Law School in a Box

All the Prestige for a Fraction of the Price

About the Book

Sure, you could spend $100,000 on a law degree from Harvard or Yale. But then you’d have to deal with crowded classrooms, inconvenient course schedules, and rigorous academic study.

Fortunately, the brilliant minds of mental_floss magazine are proud to offer an alternative: Law School in a Box. This prestigious boxed university offers a complete legal education for just $14.95. Your program includes:

    * Law School in 96 Pages: Your Comprehensive Textbook
    * 10 Heroes of the Courtroom Trading Cards
    * 10 “You Be the Judge” Cards
    * A devilishly complicated legal-trivia bar exam
    * A rolled diploma with real Latin words

It’s the perfect gift for lawyers and would-be lawyers of all ages, from the highest-ranked boxed law school in the country!

Available at newsstands everywhere, MENTAL_FLOSS MAGAZINE was founded in 2001 with the mission of blurring the lines between education and entertainment. The editors are responsible for the best-selling books Condensed Knowledge and Forbidden Knowledge.

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Product Details

  • Paperback ISBN: 9781594741463
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 1 7/8 x 4 7/8
  • Page Count: 96
  • Release Date: May 1, 2007