Field Guide to Cookies

How to Identify and Bake Virtually Every Cookie Imaginable

About the Book

What puts the snap in gingersnaps? How do you bake the perfect pinwheel? What’s the secret to foolproof friands? Discover these answers and more with Field Guide to Cookies, a handy pocket reference to more than 100 cookie recipes, complete with helpful baking notes and fascinating historical trivia (the first known brownie recipe was published in the 1897 Sears, Roebuck catalog!).

Field Guide to Cookies includes traditional favorites and exotic treats from all over the world—everything from spritzgebäck to madeleines. Each cookie is photographed in glorious full color, with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, bake, serve, and store your creations. With Field Guide to Cookies in your pantry, delicious home-baked confections are just minutes away!

ANITA CHU is a graduate of Tante Marie’s Professional Pastry program and a former baker for Bittersweet Chocolate Café. She channels her love of baking, writing, and photography on her award-winning Web site, Dessert First. She lives in San Francisco.

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  • Paperback ISBN: 9781594742835
  • e-Book ISBN: 978-1-59474-815-8
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2 x 5 7/8
  • Page Count: 336
  • Release Date: November 1, 2008

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