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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: White Elephant Gifts

These White Elephant gifts are sure to be hits. Gift away!


Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Lifestyle and Wellness

These lifestyle and wellness books are beautifully designed with great self-care tips and friendly, accessible advice. Happy shopping!


Posted by Quirk Books Staff

3 Common Thanksgiving Tough Talking Points and How to Handle the Conversation, from the author of How to Win the War on Truth

It’s that time of year again, where sensible people across the country arm themselves for an ideological battle. No, it’s not a War on Christmas (which doesn’t exist, by the way), but a War on Truth—a battle between fact and fiction, truth and myth, and on display over Thanksgiving tables across the country.

This year I offer a survival guide to help steer loved ones (bless their hearts!) away from the propaganda minefields of social media, cable news, and talk radio.

Posted by Samuel C. Spitale

Best Witchy Trios in Pop Culture

The Sanderson Sisters came back this year to wreak havoc once again in Hocus Pocus 2! While these three hapless witches have become pop culture icons, they are far from the only trio of witches that we have come to know and love over the years. Witches often appear in threes, to represent the Maiden, Mother, and Crone of folklore.

Whether they are soul-sucking embodiments of evil (like the Sandersons) or crystal-charging good witches out to save the day, we love these magical women. Celebrate Halloween with this list of witchy trios.

Posted by Rose Moore

100% That Witch: The Inspiration Behind Toil and Trouble

When exactly did the word “witch” become a label one wears with pride?


Today, the word evokes images of power and success, emblazoned on everything from mugs lining the shelves of Target to Instagram and #WitchTok posts. What was once a pink glittery “girl boss” in loopy font is now “100% that witch” in glittery black loopy font. The message is the same, though. This is a woman who has her life together and is doing all the things.


The witch: she’s having a moment.

Posted by Lisa Kröger and Melanie R. Anderson

Cruisin’ for Cryptids: J. W. Ocker’s Road Trip Tips for The United States of Cryptids

Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a town where bigfoot is sighted so often you need bigfoot crossing signs. Or a town with a lake so well-stocked that every cast yields reptilian monsters. Or one where midnight visits from flashlight-headed pterodactyls and woman-faced wolves are common. But chances are you don’t. Cryptids—those beasts that science doesn’t (yet) acknowledge but so many eye-witnesses do—don’t always come to you. Sometimes you gotta go to them.


And that means a road trip.

Posted by J. W. Ocker