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Quirk Books Reminiscing about BookExpo

The Quirk Books team has attended BookExpo and BookCon for many years now, so when ReedPop announced the retiring of BookExpo and BookCon earlier this month, it'll come as no surprise we were sad to see it go. But, if 2020 has taught us anything it's that people are resilient and adaptable, and there will continue to be new and exciting opportunities to serve the book-loving community. We can't wait to see what Reed Exhibitions thinks up in the coming years.

For now, as a final farewell to America's largest book publishing trade show, the Quirk team would like to share a handful of their favorite memories of BookExpo and BookCon.

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Get in the ’90s Spirit with This Playlist by Anna Carey

Looking for the perfect '90s playlist to listen to while you read This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey? No problem! Anna curated this playlist just for you. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: White Elephant Ideas

Do you know that one person who rejoices after receiving strange (and oddly specific) holiday gift? Well, have we got some books for you (to gift them)!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

You know exactly what your friends and family want. You've ordered their major gifts, but you love them so much and want to get them a little something extra for 2020. We've picked some of our best stocking stuffers for your browsing pleasure!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Books for Teen and Tween Girls

These titles are the perfect presents for those teen and tween girls on your holiday shopping list or anyone else who appreciates light romance, geek culture, and witchy self-care!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Books for Reluctant Tween Readers

This list is for those young readers who can't seem to get into the books they're assigned at school. If you know a child who prefers graphic novels, digestible text, and imaginative narratives, consider gifting them one of these books for the holiday season.

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