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NYCC: Coping with Post-Con Blues

Do you ever come home from a convention drained? How do you feel during the last few hours before departure when things are winding down, vendors are pushing their last few discounted sales, and staffers are cleaning up? Sad? Gloomy? Maybe you leave in a rush and upon getting home write about your amazing time and then it hits you.

Getting post-con blues is more common than you’d think. It’s hard to go back to “real life” after having a weekend of escapism, seeing all the neat cosplays and participating in panels. Sitting behind a desk or dealing with customer service for hours seems even more like a drag.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the gloom.

Posted by Mia Siegert

5 Cosplay Fixes and Tips for those Pesky Disasters on the Go

It’s Day Two of New York Comic Con. You’ve spent the past eighteen-months on a Bohemian budget using any extra funds to buy the most authentic fabric, the newest pattern, or perhaps a commission from your favorite cosplayer to make your dream costume come to life. Exhausted from living on 99-cent packs of ramen, you’re finally thrilled with the final product only to overlook the potential of disaster. Thirty seconds can ruin eighteen months of planning, sweat, frustration, tears, and the inability to sense pain after growing immune to stabbing yourself with a sewing needle so many times that you’re grateful for your last tetanus shot.

…you are up to date on that tetanus shot, right?

Posted by Mia Siegert