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5 Slam Poets You Should Know for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, so if you’re looking for some fantastic up and coming poetic voices to bring into your life, now's the time to do it! If you are not familiar with slam poetry, or spoken word poetry, it is a fairly new performance-based style of poetry in which authors read their work aloud to an audience (sometimes at “poetry slams,” or competitions), incorporating artistic elements of rhythm, pace, volume, etc. Slam poetry’s flexibility and emphatic delivery style tends to invite young poets, as well as the opportunity to focus on social justice and other issues that can be otherwise hard to talk about.

Here are five great slam poets on the scene that everyone should be watching/listening to:

Posted by Maya Merberg

Ten Authors Who Had Wildly Different Day Jobs

It’s commonly thought that professional writers do nothing but sit at their desks all day and write while they’re fueled by coffee, alcohol, and angst. In reality, most authors – no matter how successful—have or had day jobs to pay the bills. Here’s a list of ten famous writers who had jobs crazier than writing.

Posted by Maya Merberg

10 Literary Social Media Accounts for Bookish People to Follow

Are you an avid social media user but you’re getting a little sick of seeing the same cat memes over and over in your Tumblr feed? You don't really care anymore about the politically incorrect tweets from that guy you haven’t even seen in two years?

Well you’ve come to the right place! The following is a list of 10 social media accounts to spice up your feed if you’re book-minded or just need something new.

Posted by Maya Merberg