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How to Start A Virtual Book Club: A Q&A with the Founders of the Letter Writers Alliance

Let's talk about book clubs. If you're like me, an introverted former English student, you may have an aversion to book clubs because they still feel too much like class, except they have wine. And what if you'd just rather be at home in your pajamas?

Never fear! In comes the Letter Writers Alliance, a worldwide organization of letter writers that hosts broadcasted 'online socials' so people all over can write letters together. Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson started this club in 2007, but this year, they're finally diving into running a mail-themed virtual book club. Their first pick is 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. I wanted to find out more about the way a virtual book club can run – what does it have that a physical book club doesn't? How do you discuss the book? And most importantly, what do you eat? So here are some questions answered by Kathy & Donovan.

Posted by Jessica Lewis

5 Craft Books That Will Up Your Valentine Game

Valentine’s Day is one of the more crafty holidays we've got, up there with Halloween and Christmas. Every year, you’re all ‘I should make something this time, because it’s cute and considerate.’ But what if Pinterest makes you feel like you’ll fail before you even start? What if the only idea you have is a ‘Good for 1 Massage’ card? What if when you try to wrap a present, it ends up looking all crinkly? What if you’re hosting a dinner party and you want to decorate with supplies you might already have?

Maybe the inspiration you've been looking for has been hiding in a craft book in the Arts & Crafts section of your local bookstore. You probably walk by that section because a lot of older how-to craft books look a little … bland. So here are some alternatives you can use for this year's Prove-How-Much-You-Love-Me day.

Posted by Jessica Lewis