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Wanna Get Haunted?: A Look at Clay McLeod Chapman’s Inspiration for Ghost Eaters

We’ve all got our ghosts. Some of them simply stick around a lot longer than others. For my new novel, Ghost Eaters, the idea had been haunting the back of my brain for years.

Five-ish, to be (kind of) exact.

Posted by Clay McLeod Chapman

A New Year with New Horrors for a New Horrified You

[Photo by ramy Kabalan from Pexels]

Time to test your resilience, kiddos! I don’t know about you, but I’m already crumbling under my new year’s resolutions… Perhaps 2022 isn’t the year to turn over a new leaf. Instead of trying to shed those extra pounds, how about we focus on basic human survival?

According to UPenn professor and best-selling author Adam Grant, watching horror movies is a kind of exposure therapy, and people are unintentinally microdosing fear and anxiety in harmless situations to build up resistance to the real thing. Here’s a handy-dandy list of movies available at horror-streaming behemoth Shudder, nicely paired with their literary counterpart, to help get you through this never-ending hellscape that is 2022.

Posted by Clay McLeod Chapman

The Best BOOs! Recommendations from The Remaking

An urban legend spun around the campfire…a ‘70s low-budget drive-in shlocker…its ‘90s meta-remake…then a true crime podcast from 2016 that brings it all back to its bloody roots…

These are the raw materials for The Remaking, each medium coming together to help tell the true(ish) story of accused witch Ella Louise Ford and her 9-year-old daughter, Jessica—hereunto known as The Little Witch Girl of Pilot’s Creek—as their ghost story seeps through the century.

Now the narrative nested doll goes even deeper with the release of The Remaking in paperback! Quirk offered me an opportunity to talk about my personal faves from each medium and speak to the inspiration behind the novel itself. Here goes!

Posted by Clay McLeod Chapman