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Fictional Dads We Secretly Want to Be

I’ve recently become a father, and as a student of pop culture I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how dads are portrayed in fictional settings. And in that there are some dads that I secretly want to be, and in a way look up to for their parenting skills.

Posted by Ben Souder

Characters Attending Westworld-Style Theme Parks

The main theme park in the new HBO show Westworld is centered around giving wealthy patrons a realistic (yet safe) western-style experience. The park is populated with very lifelike robotic “hosts” that are programmed to do whatever the attendees want.

Here are three characters who always seem strangely calm and collected, no matter what the situation is. So calm and collected it is almost as though they know they’re in a hyper-realistic simulation that cannot have any real world consequences for them.

Posted by Ben Souder

If These Characters Were in the Walking Dead

[still from The Walking Dead, AMC]

The Walking Dead presents a harsh look at the difficulty survivors of a post-apocalyptic event have in banding together, surviving, and trying to create some semblance of normalcy. We’ve spent the last few seasons watching how Rick and the group cope with the new world order and struggle to retain their humanity as they have to survive against zombies and other people who might wish them harm. How might these other characters fare?

Posted by Ben Souder