A Vigilante for Politeness

Posted by Laura Gutin

If there was really just half a year before the whole planet went kablooie, what would you do?

I am a coward. In my day to day life, I see so much rude behavior in the public sphere, but I don’t have the guts to say something. People do all sorts of little things that make someone else’s day just a little bit worse.

If the world was going to end, I think I would become a vigilante for politeness, trying to make sure that in our last few months on Earth, we treat each other kindly, so we can go out with our heads held high.

It is not okay to sigh and huff in line at the coffee shop when it’s taking more than two minutes to get your drink.

It’s not okay to make fun of an old person who is blocking your aisle at the supermarket.

It’s not okay to yell at an attendant for trying to collect a parking fee.

I would stand up against the bullies and commit myself to making the world an agreeable place to live while it still existed.

I would also take a lot of Ecstasy.

Laura Gutin is a writer in Los Angeles.