If Doctor Strange Was A Character in Classic Novels

By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth! At long last Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, is poised to appear in his own feature film. Not even omnipotent Oshtur can say why it’s taken so long for the Master of the Mystic Arts to reach this milestone, because the truth is, Dr. Strange makes any story better. In fact, even the greatest novels ever written would be 1000% better, if only Doctor Strange were to materialize within their chapters. And now, by the power of the eternal Vishanti, let it be so!

The Big Bad List of Bill Murray Baseball Facts

The World Series has shown the world what a big Cubs fan Bill Murray is. To celebrate last night's win, Robert Schnakenberg, author of The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray, has rounded up ten big bad sports facts about the legend himself.

Book and Sandwich Pairings

Here at Quirk Books we love a good lunch. And if we’re being honest, we really mean we love a good sandwich. So to celebrate National Sandwich Day – yes, it’s a thing – here are some of our favorite books paired with the food that makes us want to read right through lunch.

Quirk E. Cat Advice Column #2

Editor’s Note: In an effort to keep Quirk E. Cat from stretching on our keyboards, we have assigned him to Advice Column duty. We apologize in advance.

Monster Mashup

For many, Halloween means loads of candy, crazy costumes, and scary monsters. But monsters have feelings too! It may be hard to believe, but underneath the claws, fangs, and scales beats the heart of a romantic. That's why we're pairing up literature's scariest monsters in hope that they'll make a love connection.

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Written by Fictional Characters

On Halloween, we get excited for—what else?—all the horror stories. In order to save everyone time, we imagined two-sentence short stories written by our favorite fictional characters. But be warned, some of these are downright terrifying...for these characters' standards.


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