Fictional Characters Who Deserve a Cup of Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa may not be able to heal the world or fix its problems, but it is delicious enough to be momentarily comforting. (Pro hot chocolate tip: try dark chocolate hot cocoa with a churro for stirring—the sugar from the churro sweetens it just enough and is even more tasty soaked with chocolate.)

We're offering hot cocoa to these fictional characters who deserve a bit (or a ton) of cocoa comfort.

Quirk E. Cat Advice Column #3

Editor’s Note: In an effort to keep Quirk E. Cat from napping at his desk, we have assigned him to Advice Column duty. We apologize in advance.

Advice from Little Women Characters

Happy almost birthday, Louisa May Alcott! If she were alive today, this beloved American novelist would be turning 184: she was born on November 29th in 1832. In honor of her special day, and in honor of the way that Little Women sometimes feels like a book-shaped piece of advice about how to live the life that makes you happy, we’ve rounded up some advice the characters from Little Women might give today.

Warning, though: the characters aren’t always perfect, so you might want to take some of their advice with a grain of salt. Or a teaspoon.

Look, just take the whole canister of salt.

Merry and Pippin's Guide to Feasting

Merry: What's wrong, Pip?

Pippin: I've learned something troubling, Merry. Very troubling indeed.

M: What's that, then?

P: Did you know that today is an American holiday called “Thanksgiving?”

M: I don't see how that's troubling.

P: And that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast?

M: What are you on about, Pip? This sounds like the best sort of holiday.

P: And that their Thanksgiving feast is only one meal?


Jane Austen’s Birthday Haul

As we gear up for Jane Austen's birthday next month, here's her birthday haul video from last year! One of our favorites!

Hello and a hearty welcome return, ladies and gentles. It’s Jane. Welcome back to my channel. I suppose this is what one might refer to as a ‘haul video,’ wherein I intend to detail the gifts I received on my 20th birthday. I admit, I have not done one of these since years past, when I was far more youthful than I am presently. But they were quite well regarded then, so I suppose there will be no shame in diving into this acculturation of wealth and high regard for not yet finding a way to destroy myself for another year.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Most Joyful Fanboy Moments

It’s November! Or as we like to call it The Month Moana Comes Out. It’s no secret we’re huge Hamilton fans here at Quirk Books, so naturally we’re excited to see and hear what Lin-Manuel Miranda’s written for Moana. (Also, how do you have the time, Lin?) To celebrate the release of Disney’s newest film, here are our five favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda moments.


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