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  • BOOK Literary Yarns

    Crochet adorable amigurumi inspired by classic literature. 

  • Feeling a little peculiar?

    Of all the opulent antiquities we’ve spotted in the trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, there’s one that we’d most love to pocket for ourselves: Miss Peregine’s signature pocket watch and watch fob (the chain that it hangs on). But unless you’ve found your way to her home yourself (and if you have, please invite us over!) the best way to pocket a beautiful watch like hers is by making your own one of a kind watch fob.



    The first Friday in June is National Donut Day. Not only is this one of those delicious holidays we technically celebrate every day of the year (because donuts!) this one actually has a great history. During World War I, the Salvation Army's volunteer women made donuts to boost morale amongst soldiers. So let’s all raise our donuts high today for those ladies! And after you’ve washed all that frosting and glaze off your hands, we’re continuing our donut celebration with a tiny-armed-T.-rex-trying-to-eat-donuts bookmarks because hilarious.

    National Donut Day Dinosaur Bookmarks: download here

  • (Image via Makezine)

    A new week means it’s time to harvest the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links that the internet has produced. Be amazed at gorgeous paintings on an unusual medium. Try your hand at some Super Mario macramé. Sob uncontrollably at a Wicked reunion. But most importantly, make sure to have the best week ever!

  • Unfortunately, we can't all have Belle's perfect library. But we can sure try to make our own just as cool with these five life hacks.


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