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    Knitters are naturally creative types, so it's no wonder that we love a good yarn. And when your eyes need a break from all the cross 2 R and EOR, it's nice to kick back and keep your hands still for a while with a cozy knit-centric novel—the social and crafty elements can make for a tightly-woven story. Here's five of my favorites.

    Making book page table runners, via Offbeat Bride
    Books are for reading, yes, but did you ever consider them as part of your home decor? I’m not just talking about books sitting on a shelf organized by color. Click around DIY blogs and you’ll see instructions for repurposing books into everything from storage to hanging mobiles.
    For me, there’s only one issue with book DIYs: I can’t stand the thought of cutting up a book. A few years ago I had the brilliant idea to carve out the pages of an old Singer sewing book to make it into a storage cubby. After I flipped through the book, I realized I didn’t have the guts to take a knife to those gorgeous pages. 
    If you feel the same, ease the pain by crafting with books that have yellowed, stained, ripped, or missing pages. Hit up your local flea market or Goodwill to find books you’re not emotionally attached to. The other option is to buy the decor so that the guilt of destruction lies with the creator.
    Whether you decide to craft or buy, here are a few ways to use those precious books as decor around your house. 

  • Here at Quirk we know how to work hard and play hard. Our monthly office parties give us an excuse to celebrate. Katie Hatz, our resident party designer, picks fun and quirky themes for us to play with. We went for a Pink Piggy Party in March. We celebrated with pig ear headbands, ate pork-inspired treats, and played pink pig balloon volleyball.

    Check out some photos, our music list, and great recipes below. Oink, oink!


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