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  • I hate to admit this, but books have a—pun intended—shelf life. Sometimes they are damaged by accident and sometimes they just don't stand up to the passage of time. However, there are some incredible artists out there who make old books beautiful again by using them as a medium for awesome sculptures. Here's a taste of what five of these super talented people have produced.

    Most people love summer. I hate it. For three very simple reasons: hornets, heat, and humidity. Those three H’s are nightmarish enough to make me wish us humans had some strange form of summer hibernation. I’d love to sleep through the season and wake up just when the air starts to cool. 

    Paper Flowers via the Tiny Painted Blog
    Books are a wellspring of DIY inspiration– whittling all the amazing stuff out there to our top 10 was no easy feat! This list has a variety of crafts at varying skill and book-destruction levels for everyone's skill and comfort level, so hopefully you'll find a way to get your creative juices flowing.
    However! Before you start, we recommend that you to do a little research, especially if you're working with an unfamiliar garage-sale find. A quick google search of the title, author, and year should affirm that you're working with a book that could use a second life and not a priceless first edition. After you're certain, let the crafting begin! 
    1. Paper Flowers (Tiny Painter Blog): These are all the rage right now, and while they do look beautiful with colorful paper, the book worm in our hearts wants to chomp on these blooms from the Tiny Painter Blog. Om nom nom!
    2. Book Vases (Confetti Sunshine): The nice thing about these book vases is that as long as you don't mind a little water in your book, you don't need to rip it apart to make these flower arrangements. We think they would be perfect centerpieces at a book lover's wedding. 

  • Photo via

    Beach reading. It’s a simple concept, and to some readers it’s a genre all its own. But how can you successfully read at the beach? There are a lot of risks to contend with - water, sand, bookish seagulls. Our solution? Pack your beach bag with everything you’ll need to keep your books safe while you read by the sea!

    Here’s your packing checklist:

  • Hey there, kids (and kids-masquerading-as-adults)! Have you ever pretended to be a spy? Don’t lie, of course you have. For one thing, spies have gadgets, and gadgets make you cool. I bet you didn’t know you could make your own secret agent devices at home, though!

    In the Nick and Tesla series, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith combine creative inventions with thrilling adventure stories. The third book in the series, Nick and Tesla’s Secret Agent Gadget Battle, just released on May 6. And now you can try out your own snooping skills by making your own Fingerprint-Finder System! Read on to learn how, and to enter a giveaway to win the first three books!

    (By the way, you can visit to learn more about the books, watch Science Bob in action, and submit your own gadget-making projects.)

  • via Etsy

    Book covers are awesome. If you haven't wrapped a book since your elementary school days, I'm going to give you some reasons to do it again. 

    Before that though, let's briefly talk about kinds of book covers. There are different types for different occasions and personalities, after all. You've got the clear plastic by the roll and plain ol' paper bags (nifty tutorial for that one here!), wrapping paper, bits of newspaper, maps, and all manner of foldable (or knittable!) things to decorate your book with.

    And then of course, you've got the pre-made elastic book covers you can buy by the buttload if you aren't a DIY sort of person. The possibilities are endless. But there are, nonetheless, so many fun ways to cover your books. 

    Now, hear me out on when's a good time to use book covers.


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