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    April 1, 2013


    Quirk Books, the independent publisher known for its irreverent reference guides and innovative works of fiction, has gone and done the unexpected once again. Effective immediately, the company is launching a new imprint that will give readers exactly what they expect. Book-lovers of the world, meet Normal Books.

    "We think that becoming more conventional is truly the most 'strikingly unconventional' move we could make," says President and Publisher David Borgenicht. "Readers have come to expect the unexpected from us, and I'm pretty sure no one was expecting this."

    The Normal Books imprint will offer a completely retooled frontlist of regular, completely straightforward books, with titles including Breakfast for Breakfast, Miss Peregrine's Home for Regular Children, and Pride and Prejudice without Zombies.

    This groundbreaking, daringly creative move was engineered with readers in mind, says Associate Publisher and Creative Director Jason Rekulak. "We’re convinced there’s an audience out there that craves the same-old, same-old,” he says. “We're excited to stop pushing the envelope, and start nudging it back into the desk drawer next to the pens and rubber bands." The concept is expected to yield a more manageable workflow as well. “The sales reps have been clamoring for less buzzworthy titles,” notes Moneka Hewlett, Senior Sales Director.

    Besides its new catalog of traditional print titles, Normal Books intends to release all subsequent books in eBook format: as plain text with no pictures and in a single small, non-dynamic font. Says Vice President Brett Cohen: "In the digital age, Normal Books will be square in the middle of the pack when it comes to using new, innovative technology. There’s no need to show off."

    Below are the titles that Normal Books will be releasing in the coming months:

  • Here are a few February highlights from the Craft-a-Day Craft-a-thon!

  • Come join Craft-A-Day's Sarah Goldschadt in Brooklyn on March 16 for a craft-packed day of DIY and a giveaway from Quirk Books!

  • I started a little Craft-a-thon on my blog to showcase the weekly themes and crafts from my book Craft-a-Day.

    Each week I show a few samples of crafts from the book and encourage readers who own the book or app to showcase their #craftaday creations. It has been so much fun seeing all the variations and personal touches people have added to their projects. A few highlights:

  • Inspired by Brittany's stamped wrapping paper, I created a stamped card for Valentine's Day! 

    Creating a mini heart stamp for Valentine's Day is fun and easy! For this project you'll need: a blank card, pencil, craft knife, and a red stamp pad.


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