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  • Make your own tasty rebels snacks with these simple instructions for DIY gummie candies! These treats are ideal for Star Wars parties, movie marathons, or just hanging out in Jabba’s palace. You could even use them to fill your Death Star piñata!

  • I find your lack of candy disturbing...

    Why did the Imperial forces keep rebuilding the same interstellar battle station? Clearly because it was full of candy. Make your own Death Star piñata for May the Fourth, a Star Wars birthday party, or a release party for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! (Bonus points if you use a lightsaber to take a whack at it!)

  • Celebrate all things Captain America with craft projects inspired by the star-spangled man himself! These snacks and crafts are the perfect way to gear up for Cap’s next appearance on the big screen in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, prepare to marathon his previous movies, or just plain celebrate the US of A. We may not have knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times, but we can celebrate the hero who did with these fabulous projects.

  • Oh the places you’ll go with this very simple, stunning baby shower decoration. If your favorite parents-to-be are throwing a bookish baby shower, this diaper cake will add a magical touch to the event. This project is completely customizable; you can design it after a certain Seuss book (we chose The Lorax) or swap the colors for a general red, white, and blue The Cat in the Hat motif. The part your parent-to-be will appreciate the most? The fact that no diapers were harmed in the making of this cake and they can break it down to use to diapers as they need them!

  • The most beautiful thing that all modern weddings have in common? Every couple has its own style. Some are into color coordinated soirees, others want their big day to be a destination wedding, and others simply just want to put their touch on a traditional ceremony. So for those book loving couples, we have the perfect way to put your personal touch on your wedding. Instead of literally having a guestbook at your wedding, design this typography inspired guestbook that you can later hang up in your home as a constant reminder of your beautiful day. This project, while not overly challenging, does take a fair bit of work, so be sure to plan to make this well in advance of your wedding.

  • As a lover of books, you need your reading nook to look as beautiful as the stories you love. These totally customizable bookends will help you do just that! You can construct these to reflect your initials or make them for a soon-to-be wedded couple or a newly arrived future reader. Whether you decide to give these to a loved one or treat yourself to them, this is a gift that's sure to satisfy anyone!


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