When Stacia Kuceyeski of the Ohio Historical Society reached out regarding Taft 2012 campaign materials, she included photos of her adorable pug-chihuahua mix... President William Howard Taft, or just "Taft" to his friends.

These, of course, had to be posted on the blog immediately.

The photos are of Taft posing at the McKinley Memorial in Canton, Ohio. Please take note of the sassy Taft tag on his collar and the scarlet carnation, which is Ohio's state flower. According to Stacia, McKinley always wore one.

There are a few more photos below after the jump. Take a look. Thanks for sending these in, Stacia! Taft sure is cute.



Your pug-chihuahua is so adorable! If I ever get a dog (which to no-pet rules in my apartment it won't be anytime soon sadly) I'd get a pug. I think the name could also be shortened to "pug-huahua" to make it sound even more adorable. :) Madeline Canvas Between the Margins http://canvasbetweenthemargins.blogspot.com/

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